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For 2011 Parts in General, Please see our list of after-market maufacturers, such as CK Arms, EGW, etc.

From its simple beginnings as a 2 man gun shop in Texas to its current place at the top of the semi-custom market, STI has always sought to not only provide the very best products at a reasonable price, but to try to stay ahead of the curve in technological innovations. From leading the firearms industry into the precision world of "EDM" hammers, sears, and other components to the invention of the legendary 2011 platform, STI has continually led the way. STI pistols are highly sought after world wide and the name has become synonymous with the highest quality of firearms for competitive, tactical, & personal protection use.

Due to the fluxuations in the exchange rate, our prices are subject to change. Back orders are subject to change as well, and prices cannot be guaranteed.

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STI Lawman
STI Lawman Model is Discontinued and only one calibre is available through our distributor. ..
STI Mag Release Spring
STI Mag Release Spring Magazine release spring for STI series 1911/2011 firearms. Can be used..
In Stock
STI Magazine 40 S&W 126mm
STI Magazine 40 S&W 140mm STI Magazine 40 S&W 126mm As required by Canadian laws..
STI Magazine 9mm 126mm (Gen 2)
STI Magazine 9mm 126mm (Gen 2) Pre Order. As required by Canadian laws, these magazines a..
STI Magazine 9mm 140mm (Gen 2)
STI Magazine 9mm 140mm (Gen 2) SOLD OUT! Pricing will change Spring 2019 when distribut..
Out Of Stock
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STI Magazine Spring Plate Blue
STI Magazine Spring Plate Blue Spring Plate for STI 10 round 126mm and 140mm factory magazine..
In Stock
STI Match Master
STI Match Master Model is Discontinued, only one calibre available Available in 9mm ..
STI Tactical TR SS 5.0
STI Tactical TR SS 5.0 Available in .45 ACP Cerakote finish Model will be discontinued in..
STI Trigger Guard Screws (2pcs)
STI 2011 Trigger Guard Screws (2pcs) Set of two screws for 2011 pistols. ..