Starline 41 Colt

Starline 41 Colt
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Starline 41 Colt

1.121 - 1.127 O.A.L.
41 Long Colt DA case, also known as the .410 Extra Long Colt, .41 L.D.A., .41 Long Colt, and .41 Colt Double Action. Suitable for use in most .41 Colt revolvers including the Colt Thunderer, New Army, New Navy, Army Special, Single Action Army, and the Bisley. Use #32 RCBS shellholder. Hollow Base bullets that expand into the rifling are generally the best choice for projectiles. These can be found at Rapine Bullet Mould (215) 679-5413.

Brass is packaged by weight, each peice is not individually counted. Number of brass per package are approximate.