SportEAR XT2 Electronic Ear Muffs

SportEAR XT2 Electronic Ear Muffs
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Sport Ear XT2 Electonic Ear Muff

More than Hearing Aid… Hearing Enhancement

Like all ProSounds Headmuffs, you get state-of-the-art technology designed to not just help you hear, but actually make you hear better. With up to 8X sound amplification and enjoy total control over both volume and frequency, allowing you to zero-in on just the sounds you want to hear. You can block out their noise with the twist of a dial.
Even at full volume, the sound-blocker circuit kicks in above 85dB. Experience the best hearing protection available with our 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), up to 110 db. SportEAR XT2 Head muffs, feature an exceptionally comfortable, balanced design that allow you to wear them with ease for extended periods. ProSounds signature, lightweight, polymer plastic for a comfortable, light fit and rugged durability. And with improved sound quality and volume control, you’ll enjoy hearing as comfortable as the fit. Among the top values available, you get remarkable hearing enhancement and protection in one device, along with versatility and durability that makes these head muffs an exceptional, long-term investment.