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Starline 32-20
OUT OF STOCK 1.280 - 1.286 O.A.L. Designed for use in rifles and single action revolvers, this cartridge is making a strong comeback with the advent of cowboy action shooting. This cartridge can also be formed into .25-20, .218 Bee, and with special forming dies available from RCBS and Lee you can form a shortened version of the 7.62 Nagant cartridge. Brass is packaged by weight, ..
EGW 10310  External HD Extractor Blue
EGW 10310 External HD Extractor Blue 38/9/40 ..
Starline 32 S&W
Starline 32 S&W 0.595 - 0.602 O.A.L. The .32 S&W, not to be confused with the .32 S&W Long, was originally designed as a black powder cartridge for use in small, inexpensive pocket revolvers. Our brass has been designed to be safe with both smokeless and black powder, and can be safely fired in revolvers chambered for 32 S&W Long, 32 H&R Magnum and 327 Federal Ma..
Starline 32 S&W Long
Starline 32 S&W Long 0.911 - 0.916 O.A.L. Designed for use in small framed revolvers, this cartridge is basically a shortened version of the .32 H&R Magnum. This cartridge is safe to fire in .32 H&R revolvers. Brass is packaged by weight, each peice is not individually counted. Number of brass per package are approximate. ..
Vihtavuori Powder
Vihtavuori Powder ITEM FOR PICK UP ONLY-WE CANNOT SHIP THIS ITEM AT THIS TIME!! IF ORDERED WITH SHIPPING, ITEM WILL BE REMOVED FROM ORDER IN STOCK: N320, 3N38, 3N37 OUT OF STOCK: N350 (0.5 Kg) N300/3N offers porous single base gun powders and precise measuring capability for pistol cartridges, rimfire ammunition and shotgun shells. Manufacturing propellants entirely in-house e..