The only high-end hearing protection company in the world that innovates and engineers their entire sport-hearing line from scratch. They don’t buy our HEARING AIDS overseas and simply stamp our name on them. They work with the best engineers in the hearing aid industry to develop a superior line just for you.

They carry a line of Ear Muffs, Passive Ear Plugs and Electronic Ear Plugs

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SportEAR Ghost Stryke Electronic Ear Plugs
Ghost Stryke by SportEar Ghost Stryke by SportEar is made for tactical, and competition shoot..
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SportEAR X-Pro Ear Plugs
SportEAR X-Pro Passive Plugs Earplugs are essential for hearing protection. Typical earplugs ..
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SportEAR XP3 Ear Plugs
SportEAR XP3 Plugs The XP3 Ear Plug offer the perfect combination of superior comfort and de..
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SportEAR XT2 Ear Muffs
Ghost XT2 Ear Muff More than Hearing Aid… Hearing Enhancement Like all ProSounds Head..
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SportEAR XTP Ear Muffs
SportEAR allows you to experience the best hearing protection available with our 25 dB Noise Redu..
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