Double Tap Sports proudly sponsors and participates at many events!

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Sponsored Shooters:

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Oscar Trachmann-IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Canadian Forces

Jason Theriault-IPSC

Cory Laurenson-IPSC, 3-Gun

Colin Cogdill-USPSA

Pat Harrison-USPSA, IPSC, Black Badge Instructor

Coralee Gavine-IDPA

Josko Kovic-IPSC, USPSA, Black Badge Instructor

Upcoming Events:

IDPA Ontario Provincial Championship 2017 -COMING SOON!
IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship 2017- COMING SOON!
IPSC Canada National Championship 2017-COMING SOON!
All Level II & III IPSC Matches Guelph Rod and Gun Club for 2017 Season!
Kingston Summer Fun IPSC Match 2017-COMING SOON!
Double Tap Sports has Sponsored:
IPSC Canada National Championship 2016
Right Angle Match 2017
Summer Slam, IPSC Level III, New Brunswick 2015
IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship 2016
IPSC Albert Provincial Champtionship 2016
IDPA Ontario Provincial Championship 2016

6th Annual Podcaster's Charity Shoot 2016

Summer Fun, Kingston 2016

IDPA Ontario Provincial Championship 2015
IPSC Ontario Provincial Championship 2015
IPSC Canada National Championship 2015
USPSA World Shoot 2014
Canadian Nationals 2003-2013
Ontario Provincials 2001-2014
USPSA Indiana Championship 2014 (Sellersberg, Indiana)
USPSA Eerie, Indiana Sectionals 2014
Frontenac Rifle & Pistol Club Matches  2010-2014
Triangle Match 2002-2009, 2016-2017
IPSC Alberta Provincials
IPSC New Brunswick Provincials 
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