Double Alpha Academy Alpha X Thigh Pad

Double Alpha Academy Alpha X Thigh Pad
Brand: DoubleAlpha Academy
Product Code: DAA-TP-ALPX
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Double Alpha Academy Thigh Pad for Alpha X Holster

Thigh Pad option for your Alpha-X holster is finally here. No screws or glue required. Simply slide the Thigh Pad on over the bottom of the holster’s belt attachment, until the tabs at the top of the extended arms click into the pockets and keep the Thigh Pad in place. To remove, pull those tabs up and out of the pocket they are clipped into, and slide the piece down and off (it may be a tight fit, to prevent wobble)

Suitable for use on both Right-Hand and Left-Hand holsters.

First batch compatibility issue: Please note! If you have one of the very first holsters (from 2016) your holster hanger does not have the corner chamfer as shown in one of the pictures here. Your hanger is also a little wider, and this Thigh Pad will NOT fit your model holster.