Cross Industries 5.56 NATO 10/10 Cross Mag Coupling AR15 Pistol 10-Round Magazine Set

CROSS MAG AR15 Pistol Coupling Magazine

Featuring a unique coupling mechanism integral to the floor plate, couple two magazines end-to-end in 4 unique configurations in seconds, allowing faster reloads so you can RETURN MORE FIRE™

Designed and manufactured in house at our state of the art factory in Canada, we know what it takes to withstand frigid temperatures, rough handling and competition use. The transparent bodies allow quick visual indication of how many rounds you have left, or the type of rounds, which is particularly useful for running 300 blackout. The integral coupling floor plate allows you to couple the magazines end-to-end in either a curved or straight configuration, from there you decide if you want your cartridges facing forward forward, or forward reverse. If you ever change your mind about a configuration, change it seconds, without extra parts or special tools. Or heck, un-couple the mags and take advantage of low-profile mags to shoot prone, on a bench or hunt in the woods.

Be innovative – shoot CROSS MAGS


  • Unmatched Cold Weather Materials - Designed to perform in the frigid north, our polymer is a new to market material that is specially formulated for cold weather impact resistance
  • Transparent - Knowledge is power. Seeing what's inside gives you an advantage over any possible competition
  • Advanced Coupling System
  • No additional tools required to reconfigure
  • Integrated angle makes it possible to have the 2 major configurations, curved and straight
  • Bi-directional floorplates allow another 2 possible configurations
  • Calibre: .223 REM / 5.56x45 NATO
  • Style: AR15 Pistol 10-Round
  • Construction: Polymer
  • Includes: 2x 10-round coupling magazines

Cross Industries 5.56 NATO 10/10 Cross Mag Coupling AR-Pistol 10-Round Magazines

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