Black Scorpion Storm I Magazine Pouch

Black Scorpion Storm I Magazine Pouch
Brand: Black Scorpion Gear
Product Code: BLS-ST-I
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Black Scorpion Storm I

The Black Scorpion Storm I Competition Magazine Pouch is light weight, convertible from double to single stack, with a simple replacement of the provided accessories. The holster is completely adjustable providing the shooter with the versatility and comfort of placing the magazines in the best position for the most effective draw. The Storm I allows for 360 degree rotation adjustment. It also allows for angle adjustment inward or outward from the body and allows for height adjustment along the belt loop. The Storm I is also an ambidextrous magazine pouch, usable by left handed shooters.

The high tech design, built with the most durable and lightweight materials with a carbon fibre finish, makes Storm I the preferred Magazine Pouch for the top shooters.

•Light weight, ABS Polymer strong and durable material
•Fits Single Stack And Double Stack Magazines
•Ambidextrous design for Left/Right Handed user.
•Fits mags for STI, SV, Para, Caspian, Bul M5, Kimber Hi Cap, all Small Framed Glock, HK USP Pistols in 9mm and 40 Smith and Wesson, Browning P35, CZ75, XD & XDM
•Fully adjustable,Rotates 360 degrees for higher speed.
•Multi-angle adjustment fit for different people requirement
•Carbon Fiber finish.
•For Competiton Belt with 1.5"