Black Scorpion Pro Competition Holster 1911

Black Scorpion Pro Competition Holster 1911
Black Scorpion Pro Competition Holster 1911
Brand: Black Scorpion Gear
Product Code: BLS-PRC-1911
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Black Scorpion Pro Competition Holster 1911

Available only in Carbon Fiber Finish Black, Right Hand Only

Black Scorpion Pro Competition specially designed for shooters in USPSA, IDPA & IPSC
The holster design is focused on providing the shooter with the fastest and most comfortable draw. The expanded opening for extraction shortens the travel distance for full release and aim position. The Pro Competition Holster is manufactured using Boltaron with a 2mm thickness making the Pro Competition lighter, more impact resistant and more durable. The carbon fiber finish gives the holster its elegant look and the smooth interior surface eliminates drag allowing the shooter to maximize his or her performance. The Pro competition holster comes complete with two adjusting screws with heads design for easy on field by hand adjustment. This allows the shooter to modify tension on the pistol to fit his or her style and adjust depending on the stage requirements. For added flexibility and comfort the Black Scorpion USPSA Pro Competition Holster comes together with the belt attachment for 1.5" - 1.75" belts. This New Black Scorpion Design provides the positioning flexibility for the holster, with the correct separation from the body and with the Aluminum Flange designed for the Belt Attachment the shooter can make complete angle and height adjustments. This combination allows for the necessary rigidity at the same time as it provides the possibility for different angles.

Models are currently offered for the following firearms: CZ SP01, Glock 17, 34, 1911 GOVT, S&W M&P, STI 2011 and Tanfoglio.